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  Breathe Easy 10ml - Law of Attraction Chest Congestion Remedies
Law of Attraction chest congestion remedies
Breathe Easy Affirmation Oil

Breathe Easy Essential Oils Blend, 10ml
Retail Price $7.72
DSC: Breathe easy
Oil Type: Pure Essential Oil Blend
UPC: 764430683829


Product Code: AOBE-010

Description Use and Affirmations Precautions
Essential Oil Blends for Sinus and Congestion

Address congestion concerns naturally with essential oils that help to relax the airways and allow easy breathing. When reactive airways are associated with stress, a positive affirmation may help alleviate non-helpful thoughts.

  • Eucalyptus Essential Oils: Clears stuffiness
  • Peppermint Essential Oils: Expands airways
  • Pine Essential Oils: Eases breathlessness
  • Lavender Essential Oils: Calms breathing
  • Tea Tree Essential Oils: Refreshes and purifies
  • Helichrysum Essential Oils: Aids with congestion

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