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The Farm in a Boxaquarium aquaponic grow bed for home and school growers.

The Farm in a Box Aquarium Aquaponics was invented by Earth Solutions in 2009 and has been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and on Good Morning America. 

It is an small aquaponic system that grows plants in a soil-less rock bed above a glass fish aquarium. The fish poop and ammonia floods the plant bed every hour on a timer and fertilizes the plants. The grow media also filter the water for the fish so no additional water treatment is necessary. The ebb and flow system removes the ammonia from the fish tank and becomes a fertilizer that feeds the plants, naturally.

This is a great way enjoy fish and grow plants indoors without having to worry about watering schedule, aquarium filtering or plant fertilizer nutrients. Simply feed the fish and let the timer manage the watering intervals. Great for schools, spas, homes and small patios and apartments. Grow strawberries, lettuces, micro greens, wheat grass and more. See our YouTube video page for more ideas.

Earth Solutions is primarily an aromatherapy company, see our sister company Bioponica for purchase of the Farm in a Box or for the Biogarden Aquarium Aquaponic Grow System. It is a lower priced alternative to the wood and rubber lined Farm in a Box.