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  Affirmation Oil - Fertility Aid - 10ml
Plant Therapy Essential Oils
Fertility Aid Affirmation Oil

Fertility Aid Essential Oils Blend, 10ml
Retail Price $9.72
DSC: Improve fertility
Oil Type: Pure Essential Oil Blend
UPC: 764430684963


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Product Code: AOFA-010
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Description Use and Affirmations Precautions

Improve fertility by believing in a positive outcome using Affirmation Oils.

Take a deep breath and allow nature to take its time while you regain your confidence that you will become pregnant when it is most opportune for you and your partner.

  • Clary Sage Essential Oils: Balances hormones
  • Geranium Essential Oils: Stimulates adrenals
  • Fennel Essential Oils: Good for low estrogen
  • Cinnamon Essential Oils: Mild aphrodisiac
  • Patchouli Essential Oils: Brings pleasure and delight
  • Ylang Essential Oils: Promotes calmness
  • Orange Essential Oils: Uplifts and warms

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