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About Earth Solutions and David Epstein

For more than 20 years Earth Solutions and it's original founder has been developing products and blends to improve quality of life.

Dr David Epstein, D.O., a practicing holistic osteopathic physician, Earth Solutions began as an environmental product, distributing a natural oxygenating solution for soil conditioning. Influenced by his interest in natural remedies, the nutrient rich oxygenating solution was formulated into DermAlive, the predecessor to Cell Food which was developed after the supplier sold the company.

The ScentBall and CarScenter aromatherapy diffusers were developed by Earth Solutions in collaboration with Hubmar in 1995 and 1997. We were the pioneers that offered a natural plant-derived aroma alternative to an industry of artificial fragrances. On the heals of that and with the creative genius of folk artist Eric Legge, Earth Solutions took on a new look. The collection of 5 Scent Inhalers grew to twenty and became our best all time and ongoing product. The convenience and concept of affirmations associated with scents in a pocket sized inhaler was a hit.

We launched the Jeffrey David 1999 when Jeff Boast brought his talent in computer aided jewelry design to help us create a unique line of aromatherapy jewelry. Since then the line expanded to over 500 jewelry designs. Collections range from aromatherapy to music, flower of life, new age, sports and many custom designs in pendants, earrings and charms.

A passion for aquaponics, with help from friend Dav Frayne, Dr Dave designed the Farm in a Box. This first commercially available aquarium aquaponic garden that mounts onto a standard glass fish tank became a media sensation. They wrote about us in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and featured the Farm in a Box on Good Morning America for the 4th of July garden special in 2010.

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