Aromatherapy Inhalers

Earth Solutions Aromatherapy Essential Oil Inhalers are pocket sized diffusers containing pure essential oils extracts and positive affirmations to help you stay focused on a desired intention.The Aromatherapy Scent Inhaler is designed to provide a dual benefit. Essential oils blends work physiologically to help the body with the particular issue. The self hypnosis affirmation improves memory and concentration. This combination is ideal for addressing symptoms of depression, ADHD, anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, nicotine cravings, headaches, poor memory, and PMS. By associating an affirmation with an aroma, there is a dual benefit achieved; thinking positive and inhaling a therapeutic essential oil blend. With each inhalation the though becomes more focused as the body biochemistry responds to the benefits of pure essential oils.

Reap the benefits of aromatherapy anywhere, anytime with essential oil inhalers!

The unique aromatherapy essential oils inhaler from Earth Solutions, the Scent Inhaler, allows you to reap the benefits of aromatherapy anywhere, anytime! Each comes in a variety of essential oils blended scents and artistic packaging. You may select from 20 different Inhalers to based on your mood or the condition you’re trying to relieve. Not only does it smell great, but it also comes with other health benefits too! Plus, an affirmation is included with each scent that helps to focus the thoughts and create a n association between the intention and aroma. What are you waiting for? Make sure to check out the full range of aromatherapy inhalers here at Earth Solutions today!

Introduction to Aromatherapy Inhalers

Inhalers are devices that allow you to reap the benefits of essential oils anywhere, anytime. They are small and discreet, making them perfect for on-the-go use. At Earth Solutions, we offer a variety of Aromatherapy Inhalers to suit your needs. No matter what type of essential oil device you need, we have it here at Earth Solutions!

How to use our essential oil nasal inhaler?

Our essential oil inhaler diffuser is easy to use and comes pre-filled with our signature blend of 100% natural essential oils such as lavender, rosemary, citrus and peppermint. To use, simply remove the cap and inhale deeply. Think of a positive affirmation and repeat as often needed. Our essential oil nasal inhaler is also great for on-the-go use and can provide quick relief when needed. If the cap is closed between uses, the Inhaler may retain its scent up to 6-12 months or more.

Improve your overall well-being with Aromatherapy Inhalers

We offer a wide variety of formulas to suit your needs. For example, if you want to fight off fatigue, try Stay Alert. If stress is weighing heavily on your mind, give Inner Peace or Stress Ease a try. Feeling depressed? Mood Lift may be perfect for you! No matter what you need, there’s an Earth Solutions inhaler that will work wonders for you. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by feelings of anxiety, fear, or anger or shortness of breath for any reason why not try our Breathe Easy inhaler? Or maybe you would like to stay focused on success and positive thinking, but don’t know where to start. Try out Abundance for some guidance!

We have just about every type of mood imaginable covered here at Earth Solutions so we hope that you’ll take the time to explore our extensive range of products today.

Shop the best essential oil inhalers

If you are looking for a way to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy on the go, look no further than Earth Solutions’ Scent Inhalers; the best essential oil inhalers available! Whether you’re looking for a quick energy boost or a more long-lasting emotional effect, aromatherapy can be a great way to improve your mood and overall well-being. And what could be more convenient than having a portable inhaler to take with you wherever you go? These portable devices allow you to reap the benefits of your favorite essential oils wherever you are, whenever you need them. So try them out today!

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