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Aromatherapy Inhalers

Earth Solutions Aromatherapy Inhalers have been best sellers for almost 25 years. The most popular essentia oil Inhalers sold, the Earth Solution Scent Inhalers are available 19 different scents. They remain a popular aromatherapy product because of great packaging, healthful pure essential oil blends and affirmations to keep users focused on a positive intention.

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Earth Solutions Aromatherapy Inhalers are a favorite because of great packaging, top quality pure essential oil blends. Plus they provide healthy benefits and positive affirmations. Because we all need a bit of stress relief, our top sellers include Inner Peace, Stress Ease and Mood Lift. Also popular are those that address other important needs. This includes Stay Alert, Study Buddy, Appetite Control, Insomnia Relief, Breathe Easy, PMS Relief and Hangover Helper.