Shipping Policy

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Retail Orders: All domestic (mainland) orders receive free shipping if product value exceeds $50.00. Hawaii and International orders are billed at USPS rates. Prices will be quoted at checkout or otherwise prior to shipping for customer approval.

Wholesale Orders: Free freight on orders over $250. Orders less than that will be shipped via UPS. Prices quoted at checkout or otherwise prior to shipping, for store approval.

Processing Time: Orders typically ship within 1-2 days. Larger wholesale orders may take 3-4 days.

To keep our products fresh, we maintain frequent production cycles. To do that we formulate blends and fill essential oil bottles, and package our products monthly. The lead time allows us remain efficient with just-in-time inventory management; in times of busy order fulfilling, blending oils and labeling and packaging may happen within cycles at the time of ordering.

Low inventory overhead has been a key reason that Earth Solutions has been a reliable manufacturer, maintaining guaranteed excellent quality and competitive prices for over 30 years.  We do not charge extra for order packing and handling.

Returns? Our products are 100% guaranteed. Use this link for details.