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Wholesale Essential Oil Inhaler Buyers, Check out Earth Solutions 'Scent Inhalers' 

Essential Oil Inhalers

Earth Solutions wholesale aromatherapy inhalers offer a genuine resource to deal with health related concerns. If you are a wholesale aromatherapy products buyer for a natural or health products store, gift shop, salon, tourist shop or a garden center with a gift shop, we will guarantee your success with the Earth Solutions line of Scent Inhalers, literally!

In fact, we are so confident that you will have great sales with any retail store, that we will fully refund your products up to 100 days after purchase.


The packaging with genuine folk art, appeals to a wide audience of shoppers and when displayed as an assortment, and many will purchase more than one at a time.

A slat wall with pegs makes a great display option as well as on a clip strip in your personal care section or at a point of sale area.

For a quick solution, wholesale essential oil inhalers are packed in an  inner case that conveniently doubles as a shelf display.

wholesale aromatherapy essential oil inhalers
Stress Ease Aromatherapy Essentials Oils Blend Anxiety Depression

The unique benefits of these portable inhalers includes a blend of oils with synergistic efffects due to the complimentry aspects of the terpenes within each plant oil extract.

Essential oils are powerful, they will activate the physiology from an oflactory aromatic sensation. A proper blend, containing a pleasant and therapeutic blend of essential oils is further enhanced with a focus on seeing a positive outcome.

These oils are available separately and make great companions when paired with our room and car diffusers or aromatherapy lockets.

Affirmations are a powerful compliment to aromatherapy.

Affirmation OIls are synergistic oil blends with affirmations. Each oil is formulated to affect various physiologies of the body; the affirmation provides a complimentary enhancement of this effect.

We all have need for help in breaking a habit or thinking of something more uplifting than the thought that led to the cravings. Oil Inhalers with a affirmations are the perfect resource to make this happen.

Improve your outlook with Mood Lift Inhaler, containing a blend of oils and an affirmations to lift the spirits. Inner Peace and Stress Ease are other Inhalers that have been successful in reducing stress and anxiety with therapeutic oils and affirmations. A dozen other Inhalers offer something for everyone. Aromatherapy Nasal Inhalers are a great tool for consumers to pair as gift sets for managing mood and behavior.

Aromatherapy inhaler retailers appreciate that each Scent Inhaler card includes a list of ingredients, benefits, an affirmation, and a simple set of instructions.

Stress Ease Inhaler


By focusing on a positive thought or affirmation,l as you inhale the scent, you will achieve even greater results from your scent inhaler, by creating a memory association between the affirmation and the aroma. This provides a classic aromatherapy effect.


'With each inhalation, users are encouraged to close their eyes, inhale, and repeat their affirmation.


"As I breathe in lavender, orange and patchouli I feel calm, cool and collected.'

aromatherapy essential oil inhaler instructions
stress ease esential oils inhaler instructions

Scent Inhalers do not need to be put directly into the nose. Just wave the uncapped wand close to the face and inhale. And they also do not have to be used just for therapeutic reasons.

A pleasant assortment of scents, make great travel companions whenever you feel inclined to give a little perk to your atmosphere. They're especially helpful in crowded public places, for instance in an airplane or on the subway, where a discreet burst of lavender, orange and patchouli can come in very handy.

Made in the USA.

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