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earth solutions aromatherapy products

Shoppers are on the lookout for gifts with healthful benefits, for themselves and others.

Each item in the Earth Solutions line was  thoughtfully designed and crafted to provide real benefits to users. And to keep it fun while doing so.

For retailers our packaging is guaranteed to grab  the attention of your customers. This has proven to be most effective with our best selling products, the Essential Oil Inhalers. The back of the card provides ingredients, and an explanation of how the Scent Inhaler is used along with the corresponding affirmation, giving users another resource to optimize the effects.

With the artfully packaged, targeted benefits, quality essential oil blends and positive affirmations, you are guaranteed to have happy customers.


Our Aromatherapy Products: Wholesale Essential Oil Inhalers, Wholesale Essential Oil Diffusers, Wholesale Essential Oil Blends and Wholesale Aromatherapy Jewelry

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