Affirmation Oil Blends

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What makes this selection of oils the best essential oil blends on the market?

There are several reasons Earth Solutions Affirmation Oils are the best essential oil blends. The Earth Solutions brand is uniquely packaged, the synergistic qualities of the oil blends are scientifically formulated, and in the association of a positive affirmation to help users achieve a therapeutic goals, is unique and effective way to enjoy the aroma and benefits of pure plant extracts.

The Affirmation Oil collection includes a number of relaxing oil blends including Stress Ease Affirmation Oil which includes a relaxing oil blend, Inner Peace Essential Oil Blend for stress and anxiety, Insomnia Relief, an oil blend for improving sleep. These relaxing oil blends are especially effective when used neat in a plug in diffuser or essential oil necklace.

As an example, the Smoke Less Affirmation Oil blend has a very simple affirmation, “As I breath in pine, lemon and eucalyptus, I feel the strength to give it up.” With this memory association of scent with an empowering thought, the user is more likely to benefit when using the oil blend to manage mood and habits.

The aromatherapy oil has effects to improve breathing and reduce anxiety, while the associated positive thought builds confidence and improves the recall of your intention.