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Earth Solutions was founded over 25 years ago with the mission providing fun and effective aromatherapy products to the health and gift retail industry.

With an extensive line of unique aromatherapy accessories and award winning packaging, Earth Solutions products are guaranteed to catch the attention of consumers looking for a sensation to lift their spirits.
Earth Solutions fills a niche in the natural products industry with its point-of-purchase assortment of Aromatherapy Inhalers, Room Diffusers and Scent Releasing Lockets.
For customers eyeing a quick remedy and simple approach to the many essential oils available, the targeted benefit of synergistic blends makes the decision easy.
Scent Inhalers and Affirmation Oils are a novel and effective way of utilizing essential oils. By providing a positive affirmation and a synergistic oil blend, each of the twenty targeted-use choices supports users with an encouraging thought and a memory-triggering aroma. By recalling one’s affirmation with each inhalation, the user is focused on their intention and equipped with a synergistic sensation that helps put the body and mind in a place of comfort and confidence. Aromatherapy is a therapy, when it gives pause to stressful challenges and encourages consumers to look inwards and gain mindfulness in the moment.
This product line offers a refreshingly playful approach with a seriously therapeutic intent.
Earth Solutions founder is a functional medical physician of 35 years who also operates a telemedicine practice treating mood and behavior disorders with nutritional supplements. Intent on helping lift the spirits and provide users with effective natural remedies, the assortment of blends used in the line of Aromatherapy Inhalers and Affirmation Oils injects this holistic mindset into mainstream consciousness.
Having been in the aromatherapy and gift industry for so long, Earth Solutions has other unique offerings. While too many to list here, the company sells its own in-house designed assortment of sterling silver and alloy jewelry for new age, spiritual, aromatherapy and music minded individuals.
All products in this line were developed by Earth Solutions. While the packaging is a key selling feature, many stores like to promote popular concepts within brand design. Because the company owns the molds and rights, private label options are available for the diffusers, inhalers and many styles of jewelry.
Features and Benefits of Doing Business with Earth Solutions:
· Award Winning Packaging
· Point of Purchase – Affordable pricing and peggable features
· Unique Aromatherapy Products
· Targeted and Effective Aromatherapy Benefits
· Something for all stores including gift, health and mass retailers
· Aromatherapy diffusers, inhalers, essential oil releasing lockets
· Jewelry Collections of sterling silver pendants and earrings
· Private Label Options
· Physician Owned
· Established in 1992
Learn more about Earth Solutions and Dr. David Epstein, D.O.:
Dr David Epstein D.O. Founder Earth Solutions
David Epstein, D.O. is Earth Solutions founder and a telemedicine doctor focused on natural remedies to treat mood and behavior disorders.

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