About Us

Earth Solutions was founded by David Epstein, D.O. over 25 years ago with the mission of doing good for the planet. At that time, we were distributing a oxygenating soil product that improved plant growth potential. This deuterium-containing product became a skin care line after Dr. Dave tested an aloe-calendula blend of the solution on patients in his medical practice. The healing properties were remarkable. That solution-turned-skin-product, was give the name DermAlive, and was the predecessor to a product known today as Cell Food.

After a several turns in the road, Earth Solution seized an opportunity with a plug-in bug-repellant called the Scentball.  Having tested the market among it's health stores and holistic practitioners, Earth Solutions was granted exclusivity to the US territory. Thanks to the Scentball, and a popular demand for plug-in aromatherapy, Earth Solutions was catapulted into a long successful journey that lead to distribution throughout the health, gift and beauty industries. The CarScenter aromatherapy diffuser was designed later, for automobiles. Aromatherapy Scent Inhalers became the company's greatest success story with 19 formulations for various needs. Based on the idea of associating positive thoughts with aromas (aka Affirmatherapy) the Inhalers and Affirmation Oils have both and mental and physiological influence on improving health and managing habits.

eric legge artwork

When Dr Dave teamed up with Jeff Boast, a relative by family marriage,  the two started Jeffrey David and designed custom jewelry models for the jewelry industry and ultimately for Earth Solutions. Our broad collection of sterling silver jewelry items were created with the aid of CAD/CAM technology, which Mr Boast, a self taught expert, utilized along with his remarkable design skills. The company produced over 1000 unique styles and configurations of pendants, earrings and charms by milling waxes from a 4-Axis lathe that modeled the designs Jeff had built into his 'architecture' software program.

Today, Earth Solutions is experiencing something of a resurrection. After changing hands in 2010, the company was reclaimed in 2011 due to a botched agreement. At that time there were two "Earth Solutions" in operation. As of early 2017 the company was fully returned to David Epstein. Today we are rebuilding the distribution, adding products to the line and updating the e-commerce channels for wider distribution opportunities in the wholesale and retail industries.

The longevity of the company and steady demand for the products is credited to innovative products, a wide range of well crafted jewelry designs, therapeutic grade essential oils and synergistic blends. Much thanks is also given to the playful folk-art packaging. Eric Legge painted all the pictures that were used in packaging for our entire line of aromatherapy products. His great works have been a wonderful pairing of a vivid and multi-ethnic look with the healing essences of aromatherapy. Collectively these have become the familiar faces, remedies and concepts that lift the spirit and improve the lives of everyone who is fortunate enough to enjoy them.