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Earth Solutions was founded over 25 years ago with the mission bringing unique and beneficial products to people while doing no harm to our bodies or to the planet.

David Epstein, D.O. Founder of Earth Solutions

In 1992, I began Earth Solutions while practicing medicine in my clinic here in Atlanta, GA. At the time I was managing patients using a holistic functional medicine approach that included chelation therapy, IV Nutrients Therapies including Myer's Cocktail and Vitamin C Infusions and IV oxidative therapy with IV hydrogen peroxide. I was very happy with that little practice in Little 5 Points. Today, my medical business is focused on treating mood and behavior disorders, via telemedicine, whereby I utilize a remarkable nutritional protocol called the Walsh Approach. For those interested, my practice is called Second Opinion Physician. 

With my holisic oriented medical practice as with my interests in establishing businesses that innovate and promote unique products and processes, I have started five corporations over the past 35 years and continue to operate each of them. All are based on innovative natural solutions that provide natural supplements, remedies to health problems, personal care or to organic soilless farming.

Earth Solutions was first organized while I was practicing medicine, after I came across a product that was being marked as a soil restoration solution, called Open All. It was a unique solution (hence "Earth Solutions) that piqued my interest as an organic gardener. Though selling a soil product was outside of my area of expertise, I was so taken by the properties of this oxygen rich, hydrogen rich enzymatic product, that I worked with the owner of the patented deuterium-containing ingredient to develop a skin care product for treating aging, acne and eczema skin conditions. Dermalive was the name I gave it and I began marketing it to doctors who I knew from conferences and at conventions, as early as 1994, including the American College for Advancement in Medicine and the Natural Products Expo West. Dermalive was popular with Zia of Zia Cosmetics and with Horst Rechlebacher of Aveda Corp., who both had an interest in purchasing rights to the "miracle gel'. Eventually the rights were granted to another company, and the solution plus aloe-oxygen based gel products were relabeled under the brand Cell Food, and has been tremendously successful.

Earth Solutions was also the first company to market an electric plug in aromatherapy diffuser when it acquired rights to the diffuser that had only previously been sold as a bug repellent in Canada and in France. By adapting the diffuser to essential oils and selling hundreds of thousands of units over the next few years, the now familiar Scentball became an instant 'scent-sation', replacing the commonly used lamp ring as the essential oils diffuser of choice. The Scentball is one major reason that essential oils and aromatherapy became so mainstream over the years. Both the Scentball and Carscenter, which we designed in 1995, have been best selling aromatherapy diffusers every since.  Customers of ours who carried the diffusers prior to 1997 included Aveda, for whom we developed a clear version of the Scentball, Body Shoppe, Linens and Things, Garden Botanika, Bed, Bath and Beyond and all the major distributors in the Natural Products industry including Frontier, Starwest Botannicals, Aura Cacia, Aromaland, New Leaf, Lotus Light, UNFI, Select Nutrition and so on and so on. While we were the exclusive distributor for the diffusers until our supplier in Canada changed ownership and stripped us of distribution rights, Earth Solutions has been manufacturing it's own Scentball and CarScenter diffusers since 1998, through today.

In 1999, jewelry was added to our line, when a new entity was formed by myself and close friend Jeff Boast. The name of our line was Jeffrey David, and thanks to Jeff's immense talent, we built numerous Collections of jewelry across many genres of design. Our niche was in computer aided design and 4-axis wax milling CAD/CAM. This technology was literally pioneered by Mr Boast. Having exhibited and attended many jewelry expos, in 2003 we caught the attention of Tiffany's hand-craft jewelry design director, Carlos Luchyk. He was so taken by Jeff's work that he invited us to his studio above Tiffany's retail store, to introduce us to his methods and team, there on Park Avenue, above the famous flagship store in New York City. Carlos knew this was not something that could be implemented at Tiffany's, but was very impressed with how this new technology was being utilized. Earth Solutions jewelry design division, headed up by Jeff, went on to make over 1000 unique pieces of jewelry over the next 8 years, with models made using lost wax casting for gold and sterling silver jewelry making. We continue to offer many of those products, though the Collections that are most compatible with Earth Solutions are the Spiritual Flower of Life Jewelry, Essential Oils Jewelry Lockets and Music Jewelry styles which remain some of our most popular items sold over the years.

Today, Essential Oil Inhalers and Affirmation Oils are our other most unique products. We launched the novel Inhalers in 1995 and expanded the line to 12 units in 1998. Today there are 20 different Scent Inhalers that are sold widely across the US and internationally to health stores, gift, novelty stores, oxygen bars and to many online resellers. The catchy concept of merging Aromatherapy with positive Affirmations along with the unique Folk Art packaging has proven to be a timeless hit. Our Affirmation Oil's line is an extension of the Inhalers, with "Affirmatherapy" resonating well with persons who use these therapeutic tools to help stay focused on positive intentions, while the synergistic therapeutic oil blends help the mind and body move into a more balanced and uplifted state of being. We also carry a broad range of therapeutic grade pure essential oils in 10ml and bulk sizes.

Our products are sold to retailers, wholesalers and direct to the consumer. Learn more about our wholesale MAP and terms to become a reseller of Earth Solutions today!

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Dr David Epstein D.O. Founder Earth Solutions

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