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Earth Solutions is a unique aromatherapy brand that features high quality essential oil blends, affirmations and accessories that are both therapeutic and fun to use.

The year 2022 marked the third decade since Earth Solutions was established.

There have been many changes over that period reflecting the interests of the owner and the talent of the staff. The earliest aromatherapy product introduced in 1995 was the Scentball aromatherapy diffuser. Following that launched the company developed the CarScenter car diffuser  in 1997 and then in 1998 innovated the concept of essential oil nasal inhalers.

If you've been with us for the duration, you know that in addition to aromatherapy, the Earth Solutions has sold everything from therapeutic organic skin care, to aquaponics systems, to sterling silver jewelry. All products were designed in-house and all were quite unique at the time they were introduced.

The products that stood the test of time, include the Essential Oil Scent Inhalers, Electric Home and Car Diffusers, Aromatherapy Jewelry Necklaces and Affirmation Essential Oil Blends.  There have been many newcomers to the space of retail aromatherapy, since we began. There are other diffuser models and variations on the theme of Inhalers, diffusers and scent releasing jewelry. What stands out as unique with Earth Solutions is the creative packaging and the approach of combining therapeutic essential oil blends with positive affirmations to achieve a desired outcome.

When Dr Dave is not practicing aromatherapy, he utilizes his time as an online doctor, specializing in the treatment of depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, Autism and other mood and behavior disorders.  All of this is done with natural supplements, per the Walsh Approach. You may learn more about his practice at Second Opinion Physician.

Under his direction, Earth Solutions remains focused on providing natural remedies that incorporate essential oils and positive affirmations to address various health and wellness concerns.

"The benefits of essential oils are well known in as much as they help reduce stress, improve sleep, control addictions, and elevate the mood. Like nutrient supplements, they affect the physiology and the biochemistry of the body, to create a healthy response.

Positive affirmations included with each of the essential oil blends, are meant to be repeated to oneself to elevated our thought patterns and outlook on how we approach various situations. Affirmations are often used as a tool for self-improvement and can be a helpful way to cultivate a positive mindset and increase self-confidence.

By focusing on a positive affirmation while breathing in the aroma of therapeutic essential oil blends, aromatherapy can bring about a calm state of mind and a refreshing atmosphere. And that's good medicine"

All of the essential oils sold by Earth Solutions are quality tested and 100% pure. They are extracted from leaves, stems, flowers, and other parts of plants.

Earth Solutions Founder
earth solutions owner physician david epstein

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