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Earth Solutions is a unique brand offering a full assortment of aromatherapy products for consumers and retailers.

Eye catching packaging, targeted benefits and top quality blends plus positive affirmations set this product line apart from other aromatherapy brands. If you are looking for something really special, check out our Affirmation Oil blends. Each is intended to help users address common issues and  stay focused on important health goals. If you are a wholesale essential oils inhaler or diffuser buyer, be sure to take advantage of our point of purchase displays and guaranteed sale on all  orders.

Essential Oil Inhalers & Essential Oil Blends

Start the day with a positive affirmation and a deep inhalation of pure essential oils.

Earth Solutions, offers a unique and innovative approach to aromatherapy by combining the benefits of essential oil blends with positive affirmations.

The association of thought with aroma takes advantage of the natural aromatherapy memory effect via the olfactory system.

Essential Oil Diffusers & Aromatherapy Jewelry

The best essential oil diffuser is one that you can plug into your home, car or wear as jewelry, warmed by your body's heat.

The easiest and best way to enjoy aromatherapy is with an aromatherapy diffuser. The Scentball and CarScenter plus Earth Solutions uniquely designed aromatherapy jewelry, are the best essential oil diffusers available. When at home, on the road or moving around place to place, these diffusers for essential oils will allow you to remain close, at all times, to your favorite essential oil aromas.

100% Pure Essential Oils.

At Earth Solutions we source most of our essential oils from distributors of small holder farms all over the world.

These growers typically do not have the resources to get certification, yet their agriculture methods follow organic principals.

All oils sold under our brand label are tested and analyzed for purity and grade and handled according to ISO, GMP and CTFA standards. None contain fragrances or artificial flavors of any kind. We will always bring you the best, without the hubub and misleading claims that force you to pay more.

Lets be honest. Why Earth Solutions does not sell "organic" essential oils.


Inhalation of essential oils can be therapeutic or it can be simply an atmosphere and body aroma enhancement. And whether it is organic or not, inhalation of essential oils is much, much better than inhalation of chemical perfumes. People use petroleum derived chemical fragrances everywhere; in their clothes, shampoos, perfumes, soaps, car fresheners and laundry fragrances. Consequently these chemicals are inhaled almost daily, in excess whether we like it or not. Essential oils are not petroleum derived, they are plant derived.

Are certified-organic essential oils worth the premium asking price? The short answer is almost always, “no”. For one, the quality is not proven to be any better. For another reason, research has found that organic labeled citrus and many cold pressed oils contain pesticides. So, for the most part, they are mislabeled. Yes, it would be nice if all farming was organic, but it is not.

Rather than products used primarily for their aromatic qualities, focus on organic should be aimed at foods we consume. So, if you're not exclusively eating organic vegetables, fruits, grains, eggs, dairy, meat, chicken, pork and milk, there is not much point in paying high prices for mislabeled essential oils that claim to be organic.