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Invite Love and Attraction | Attraction Essential Oil & Inhaler

Enjoy the essence of attraction, love, and sensuality with our delicately crafted essential oil blend, an infusion of nature’s most sensuous oil scents designed to awaken the flames of love and kindle romance and affection. Each includes an “attraction affirmation”, and affirmation for attraction to bring you closer to that which you desire.

Infused with the magnetic allure of cinnamon, the erotic base chakra stimulating oil of patchouli, the floral relaxing oil of lavender, and the citrus oil of orange, each drop brings potential soul mates a step closer to manifesting love and deepening affection. Cedarwood and bergamot interlace are also included to create a harmonious balance, while frankincense and ylang ylang provide a bold yet sweetened essence, making this blend not just a sensory experience but a journey towards inner harmony and desire.

Accompanied by a powerful positive affirmation, Attraction Oil Blend and Inhaler are more than a pleasant essential oil aroma, they are it’s a tool in the law of attraction, helping to focus intentions and attract the love and sensuality you seek.

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