This recent Japanese study supports aromatherapy essential oils for fatigue and anxiety. The study focuses on mothers with recent newborns, a group that often experiences insomnia and depression.

As aromatherapy becomes more common alternative to anti- anxiety and insomnia medicines, we are finding studies conducted in hospital settings to be an important step in educating physicians and hospital staff in the importance of this effective therapy for fatigue, relaxation and anxiety.

The Effect of Aromatherapy Treatment on Fatigue and Relaxation for Mothers during the Early Puerperal Period in Japan: A Pilot Study.



Early in the postpartum period, mothers are often nervous and tired from the delivery, breast-feeding and caring for a new-born. The aim of this study was to evaluate the process and outcome of using aromatherapy treatments to increase relaxation and decrease fatigue for mothers during the first to the seventh day of the postpartum period.


This non-randomized controlled study with a quasi-experimental one-group pretest-posttest design was used to evaluate scores in relaxation and fatigue before and after the intervention. Aromatherapy hand treatments were performed on a purposive sample of 34 postpartum mothers in Tokyo, Japan, from May to July 2016. The single treatment included a choice of one of five essential aroma oils through hand and forearm massage. Relaxation and fatigue were measured by self-administered valid and reliable questionnaires.


The majority of participants (77.8%) were satisfied with the treatment.


The aroma treatments significantly improved relaxation and reduced fatigue for mothers in the early puerperal period and were well received.

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