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Essential Oil Diffusers

The Scentball and Carscenter Essential Oil Diffusers were the first aromatherapy products sold by Earth Solutions. That’s how we got our start! Order one today and find out why these inexpensive, plug-in air fresheners are the best essential oil diffusers ever sold.

Until 1995, the only available electric room diffusers were made with pre-scented artificial fragrances. Having discovered the plug-in, bug-repellant Scentball diffuser at a gift trade show, Earth Solutions met with the owner to discuss modification and use of this aromatherapy diffuser for the US market. Following a successful introduction to its health store customers, Earth Solutions secured an exclusive distribution agreement with the manufacturer of the unique electric diffuser. Sales of the ScentBall and later the jointly-designed CarScenter became a 'natural sensation.' Twenty-seven years later, Earth Solutions still enjoys great success as an aromatherapy company. Arguably the Scentball and CarScenter are the best essential oil diffusers ever sold.