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Essential Oil Inhalers

At Earth Solutions, we offer essential oil inhalers, also known as aromatherapy inhalers or personal diffusers, that combine the benefits of essential oils with positive affirmations. Our physician-owned business uses only therapeutic grade essential oil blends to optimize their benefits and includes positive affirmations to keep users focused on their desired intention.

Our unique combination of essential oils and affirmations provides a holistic approach to personal care and well-being, addressing issues such as stress, fear, insomnia, depression, gratitude, focus, cravings and more. These portable essential oil diffusers have become a popular alternative to traditional aromatherapy and provide a convenient way to experience the benefits of essential oils on-the-go.

To use, simply untwist the cap, wave the inhaler close to your face, inhale the aroma, and think of an affirmation or use the one provided. Closing the lid after each use will maximize the lifespan of the inhaler. Our essential oil blends are of the highest quality and we guarantee satisfaction with our products.

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The concept of Essential Oil Inhalers combined with affirmations is unique to Earth Solutions ‘Scent Inhalers’ and Affirmation Oils

Positive affirmations, when associated with a scent, can create a powerful connection in the mind. Our brain is wired to make connections between experiences, thoughts, and emotions, and this connection can be strengthened through repetition. By repeating a positive affirmation as you inhale the scent of a therapeutic essential oil, you are creating a powerful association between the two.

Each time you inhale the scent, the associated positive affirmation will be recalled, keeping your focus on your desired intention. This can help you stay motivated and focused on your goal, making it easier to achieve. The combination of the therapeutic aroma of the essential oil inhaler and the power of positive affirmations can work together to create a more positive and impactful experience, leading to better outcomes and overall improved well-being.

In summary, the use of positive affirmations combined with essential oil inhalers creates a dual-effect that helps keep users focused on their desired intention and supports them in better achieving their desired goal.